Employee Benefits

We are the sixth ranked provider of medical stop loss coverage in the United States based on in-force premiums.

Our Employee Benefits segment provides group insurance products to mid-size and large corporate employers and professional associations. In addition, our Employee Benefits segment serves the voluntary worksite market by providing individual and payroll-deduction products to employees of our clients. Our Employee Benefits segment is among the largest writers of medical stop loss coverage.

2Q’19 TTM Employee Benefits Adjusted Operating Earnings before Income Taxes of $180mn

Pie Chart - Employee Benefits Pre-Tax Operating Earnings

Objective: Improve returns by reducing loss ratios, increasing the in-force premium of Stop Loss and Group Life, and growing in the Voluntary market.

Performance dashboard:

Bar Chart - Employee Benefits Pre-Tax Operating Earnings

Employee Benefits Sales

Aggregate Loss

Group Life Loss Ratio

Loss Ratio for Group Stop Loss


Employee Benefits Products Sales
(Twelve Months Ended June 30, 2019) 
($ in millions)
Group Life and Disability $715
Stop Loss $1,045
Voluntary $392
Total $2,152


  • #4 in Stop Loss sales
  • #9 in Voluntary sales
  • #11 in Group Life sales


  1. Stop Loss ranking from MyHealthGuide newsletter rankings (as of November, 2016), does not include most managed healthcare providers
  2. Latest available rankings from LIMRA (3Q’16)

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